Mythology of Japan

We Japanese are often said as festival lover. However, is it understands really correctly about the origin etc.? "The festival of the shrine" I have inherited it from the ancestor who becomes far or an era and life substitute and the history and climate that think about the relation of our town and village and the scenery and our activity in the beautiful four seasons and be alive now is not it doing it carefully even from this? The following are the mythology of the beginning of the country called Japan. Give read it by all means to the child. The mythology is the tale of the god that has spread from the far old days. Read the mythology of Japan and let's imagine the figure of once old Japan.

Beginning of the country of Japan

Ground was born only and when it was flossy like the oil that floated on water . The god and the goddess looking down on the ground from very high place on the sky to harden the ground and make a good country. The name is Izanaginomikoto and Izanaminomikoto. Two inserted a long halberd into sea to harden the ground and make a country and stirred with rolling. It may be how then. While the seawater, falling from the tip of the halberd accumulated fast and became the island. Two who saw this were pleased it very much and, fell in this island and got married. And they gave birth to island in succession. Shikoku, Honshu, Kyushu, etc. The country of Japan was born in this way.

Amaterasuoomikami and Susanoonomikoto

There were the married couple of the god of the man and woman called Izanaginomikoto and Izanaminomikoto. There was the son named Susanoonomikoto with the daughter named Amaterasuoomikami, in them. Amaterasuoomikami is the goddess of a gentle older sister and Susanoonomikoto is the god of a fine younger brother.
However, Susanoonomikoto was a violent god. He was about to cause to have difficulty Amaterasuoomikami. And he finally has got defeated in the distance.
When Susanoonomikoto walks the country of Izumo alone this way, and be beaten a daughter was crying with father and mother.
He heard the reason of crying. They said him," The monster serpent called Yamatanoorochi that has eight head comes to eat our daughter soon.
He had them made the fence around the house right now.
After a while, suddenly became dark the monster serpent turned up. It is a very fearful figure and the red eye was glistening with glaring for eight heads.
And he started to drink alcohol vigorously, when he found jars. After a while he intoxicated and slept.
Susanoonomikoto plucked up his courage and cut to the monster serpent with the sword. The monster serpent that noticed and flied to Mikoto.
However, he cuts the monster serpent attacking him in succession and threw down. And the monster serpent has been exterminated finally.
He gets married to the daughter who he saved named Kushinadahime and lived happily.

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